Antistatic coating agent C-4408

【C-4408 Features】

・Film formation is possible at a low drying temperature of 60°C

・Antistatic performance independent of environment

・Adhesion to PP (polypropylene)

【Example of use】

・Prevention of static electricity during film release

・Prevention of malfunction of electronic components due to static electricity

・Packaging for disposable medical devices (e.g. catheters)

・Antistatic agents for optical equipment (e.g., cameras)

・Packages for semiconductors

・Packages for IC chips

<Recommended film forming conditions>
After diluting the film with an organic solvent such as MEK to about 20% solids content, apply the film evenly with a bar coater or gravure coater.
Allow to stand at room temperature for 3 minutes, then dry at 60°C for 20 minutes.