evelopment of heat dissipation gap filler
New gap filler with high heat removal effect

Heat dissipation gap filler What is heat dissipation gap filler? A heat-conductive resin material that is attached between components to efficiently exhaust heat generated inside equipment via a heat sink. This is a paste-like liquid that hardens in a curing reaction and can harden in the targeted location and in the targeted thinness. These are […]

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Challenge to even higher temperatures! Heat resistant epoxy resin is the solution to improve the functionality of parts.

Download Technical Data for Developed Products Download Technical Documents ofXM-3536-2/XV-3537-1↗ A product specialized for heat resistance, resistant to resin cracking, and a perfect match for ceramics and copper!Detailed technical data, including long-term reliability data and competitive product comparison data, can be found here. Download Technical Documents ofXM-3568-2/XV-3569↗ Specialized in heat resistance, low viscosity, and excellent […]

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Extend the lifetime of electronic components!
Better performance of electronic components!
Proposal for the thermal control paint that lowers temperatures just by applying it.

The endless struggle between electronic components and heat Heat is the natural enemy of electronic components. The higher the temperature during operation, the majority of electronic equipments perform poorly, become unstable, deteriorate and have a shorter life time.The path taken by electronic devices is a one-way street of higher performance.Increasing performance tends to increase power […]

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In a few seconds! What is the UV curable adhesive that can cure 5 to 10 mm shaded areas (shadow areas and dark areas) only with UV?

Development Opportunity Request for shorter curing time for thermosetting resin products  In recent years, cost reduction through productivity improvement has become more and more important in order to strengthen competitiveness.We have received many requests for shorter curing times for our thermosetting resin products.  For example, general thermosetting epoxy resins require at least several tens of […]

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