High reliability (high heat resistance) conductive paste lineup

【Features of each product】


・Low resistance despite the use of nickel

・Low change in modulus of elasticity due to temperature change


・No cracking even with heat cycles from -55°C to 175°C

・Excellent adhesion to ceramic and metal surfaces


・Local solid phase sintering between conductive fillers (Ag) at around 240°C forms a cured coating film with low resistivity in the 10⁻⁶(Ω・m)range despite being a polymer-type silver paste

【Example of use】

・Chip components used around ECUs for EV(Electric vehicle, Electric automobile), robots, etc.:
Chip inductors / Chip varistors / Chip thermistors / LTCC/ Chip resistors / MLCC 

・EMI shielding (electromagnetic interference shielding)

・Underlying material for plating