Heat Releasing Coating H-7020

H-7020 is a liquid paint that can be applied to electronic components and housings for simple thermal protection.
It was commercialized in June 2009.
It is a product designed with an emphasis on heat radiation, and has been recognized for its heat dissipation effect mainly in heat sinks, motors, and LED-related evaluations, and has been adopted in many cases.

【Features of H-7020】
・Efficient heat dissipation characteristics are achieved by combining materials with high thermal emissivity.

・Excellent electrical insulation properties (surface resistivity of 10^13 Ω/sq or higher).

・Excellent adhesion to various metals.

・Higher heat dissipation performance compared to anodized aluminum, which is commonly used as a heat dissipation measure.

・Has moderate flexibility.

・ Outdoor weather resistance, salt water resistance, moisture and heat resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.

✓The coating is also designed for outdoor use and has outstanding long-term reliability to withstand harsh environments.

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