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Suitable mainly for conductive circuits on capacitive touch panels.

Product Category by Use by Function
Product Category
  • Electrically conductive Paste for Circuit Patterns
by Use
  • General Modules
  • Touch Panels
  • Solar Batterys
by Function
  • One Component
  • Low Resistance



  • Many achievements in circuit formation for capacitive touch panels
  • Compatible with screen printing
  • Applicable at L/S=100/100μm
  • Proven performance for years in solar cell applications

    by Use

  • Circuit formation for touch panel
  • Electrode formation for solar cells

Types of packaging

K-3100 : 1kg

Instructions for Use

  1. The ingredients may separate or the filler may settle. Stir well before use.
  2. Add a diluent to adjust the viscosity to a level that is easy to work with.
  3. Apply it to the base material using a painting machine.
  4. Curing should be done under the specified curing conditions.