Reason for Choice


Reason 1

Product Appeal

A wide variety of products covering everything from Insulation to Conductivity

Through the combination of a wide variety of resins such as epoxies, urethane, and silicone with various fillers, additives, and hardening agents, we offer resins used in insulation and conduction that are suitable for various construction methods such as sealing, adhesion, painting, and printing.

Epoxy resins are used in electronic products that require various types of performance and functionalities. These include products with various levels of hardness, from rigid to flexible products; from products that harden at room temperature to those that harden at high temperatures in a short time; and products that require heat cycle resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance, and flame retardancy. Urethane resins are used not only for electronic product applications, but also for prototypes, sporting goods, and sealing and doming applications. Silicone resins are popular as coating/painting materials for electronic products requiring heat resistance properties that epoxy resins cannot provide.

In terms of conductive applications, we offer a range of functional coating agents which, by combining various types of metal powders and resin binders, can be used to form conductive pastes for circuit printing, terminal electrode materials for small electronic products, anti-static agents, hard coatings, anti-fouling agents, and for adjusting refractive indexes etc.

Reason 2

Technology Strength

Technology amassed from 50 years’ experience as a Resin Formulator

Over 50 years, we have created and amassed a wealth of products and technologies such as resins that are ideal for use in resin design, fillers, material technologies for choosing hardening agents, resin and filler stirring technologies, and dispersing technologies for fillers and metal powders. Our main factory and R&D center are set to a scenic backdrop of the Tanzawa mountain range where we are hard at work on developing environmentally-friendly products.

Our environmental protection office is working proactively in dealing with chemical product control which has become increasingly strict in recent years in various countries outside of Japan. Our products borne out of a now unified manufacturing, sales and engineering are being used not only in Japan, but are also exported to many overseas manufacturers mainly in Southeast Asia.

In order to respond to changing times and diversifying demands, we hope to meet the requests of our customers by leveraging technologies amassed over many years as a resin formulator.

Reason 3

Development Capabilities

Working to develop resin products from the small quantity prototype stage.

We can assist our customers where needed, from the small quantity prototype stage, up to the development of resin products. We are working closely with our parent company Arakawa Chemical Industries to develop products and materials as we seek to develop new types of resin products.

As we approach ever closer to a society based around the Internet of Things wherein various new sensors are being developed, there is a concerted effort to move from gas-powered automobiles to EV/HV vehicles. With that, the properties and characteristics demanded of resins will also change. However, we remain as steadfast as ever in our approach of "growing along with our customers." It is our mission and our pleasure to work alongside our customers in the manufacture of products, all the way through from their development.