Conductive paste for bio-sensing electrodes to catch minute biological signals

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The Importance of biological sensing

In recent years, due to changes in population composition and lifestyles, health management and preventive medicine have gained attention, leading to rapid advancements in biometric sensing technology.

What is Biological Sensing?

Biometric sensing is a technology that measures various signals emitted from the human body to understand its activity state. This technology allows continuous monitoring of critical biological information such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, oxygen saturation, and brain function.

The development of these technologies enables the early detection of abnormalities and promotes further disease prevention and early treatment.

Silver Chloride Electrodes Selected for Biological Sensing

In a living body, weak electric currents constantly flow due to ionic conduction. To detect these currents, electrolyte ions need to be converted into electronic currents on the surface of the electrode.

To reliably detect these signals, the electrode material must have low impedance and a stable electrode potential. Silver chloride electrodes are widely used because they possess these characteristics.

Features of Silver Chloride Electrodes


Silver chloride electrodes have an extremely stable electrode potential and exhibit minimal drift over long periods, enabling accurate detection of biological signals.

2.Low Impedance

Silver chloride electrodes have low impedance, allowing efficient transmission of biological signals. This reduces signal noise and produces high-quality data.

3.Reproducible Measurements

Silver chloride electrodes provide consistent reproducibility in every measurement. This results in highly reliable data and a long track record in clinical diagnosis and research.

4.Easy and Cost-Effective Manufacturing

Silver chloride electrodes are relatively easy and cost-effective to manufacture, making them widely used as disposable electrodes.

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Seeking Materials with Excellent Wear Resistance

Desiring Electrodes Designed for Durability

Preference for Thin and Flexible Materials

Exploring Free Circuit Formation via Screen Printing

Optimal Paste for Silver Chloride Electrodes

Peltron® K-3981

Peltron® K-3981

Our Peltron® K-3981 is a conductive paste containing silver and silver chloride.

Developed specifically as a material for electrodes in biological sensing, it was designed to meet the needs of our customers in this field.

Peltron® K-3981 boasts excellent printability, easy-to-handle viscosity, high quality, and outstanding flexibility.

It has garnered praise from numerous customers for its impressive performance.

Features of Peltron® K-3981

Table of physical properties of product lineup

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Author’s Comment

Since the required impedance depends on the object being sensed, we can accommodate requests for silver-to-silver chloride ratios that are not included in our lineup.

If you would like to request a small quantity of samples or have any questions about our silver chloride ink, please feel free to contact us.

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