Company Overview

Message from the President

Contribute to Society through our Proprietary Know-How as a Formulator

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Pelnox company homepage.

Since our establishment in 1970, we have, through the leveraging of our proprietary technology and know-how, witnessed extraordinary growth as a formulator of resin compounds and products tailored to meet the many and exacting demands of our loyal customers around the world.

As you can see on our company homepage, we are in the process of further expanding our lineup of products to include not only epoxy-type products (liquids and powders), but also a range of urethane and silicone-based insulating, coating, and conductive paste materials. Our products are currently used in everything from electronics to automobile parts, industrial machinery, sporting goods, and other items for daily-use. We deliver products to markets mainly in Japan, Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, but our reach is global. Thanks to your continued support and patronage, we now offer over 900 types of products to over 1,000 companies both inside and outside of Japan.

In 2003, we became an affiliated member of the Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd. Group, further strengthening our development capabilities and allowing us to proceed with the development of products which make full use of new materials and synthesis technologies. In 2007, we established a new head office, an R&D center, and a factory for the production of liquid-based products in Hadano City, Japan. In 2011, we began operations at a factory geared towards the production of conductive materials—replete with its own clean environments—and since then have been moving forward in the development of other production environments and facilities that can produce new types of products.

Moving forward, the company will strive to create new and innovative products that bring forth new forms of wealth creation to our customers. We will do this by quickly adapting to the ever-evolving needs and technological trends of the modern world, including those relating to environmental issues, the electrification of the automobile, and the automobile industry's increasing demand for ever lighter materials and parts.

We humbly ask for your continued support and encouragement.

President Yosihiro MOTOKI

Corporate Philosophy

Contribute to Society by acting with Technology and Sincerity, and Grow together

Guidelines for Actions 5Cs

Company Overview

Trademark PELNOX
Company Name Pelnox, Ltd.
Address 8-7, Bodai, Hadano, Kanagawa Prefecture, 259-1302 JAPAN
Establishment 1970
Capital JPY60,000,000.-
Main Banks The Bank of Yokohama (Hadano Branch)
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ (Atsugi Branch)
End of Accounting Period March
Employees 160 (as of April 2021)


President Yoshihiro MOTOKI
Director Satoshi NAKAMURA (Sales Management Division Manager)
Director Kazuhiko TAKAHATA(Administrative Management Division Manager)
Director Kiyoshi ANDO (Quality & Environment Assurance Division Manager,Production Management Administrator,Security Administrator,Risk Management Administrator)
Director Eiji IWAMURA (R&D Management Division Manager, R&D Center Manager, Business Innovation Strategy Unit Manager)
Director (non-executive) Jiro MIZUYA
Auditor Masaru SATO
Auditor (non-executive) Toru NOBUHIRO

Company Organization

Company History

1970 ・January
Established and started manufacturing and selling Epoxy Compounds in Totsuka ward, Yokohama.
1971 ・July
Opened Tokyo Sales Office.
Set up Head Office and Hadano Plant in Hadano, Kanazawa prefecture, and relocated Totsuka Plant to Hadano.
1974 ・June
Opened Osaka Sales Office.
1985 ・June
Set up Technical Center and Ashigara Plant in Minami-Ashigara, started a Silicone Business and relocated the R&D Section to the Technical Center in Ashigara from the Hadano site.
1989 ・April
Started to sell Tool Material such as Synthetic Wood for Molds (Himeko-Block), Putties for Molds (Himeko-Pate, Himeko-Laminate).
1991 ・April
Started to sell Polyurethane Compounds (Pel-Urethane).
Established Taiwan Pelnox Corporation as a sales company in Taiwan.
1992 ・January
Cooperated with Sterling Technology Ltd. in the UK on Epoxy Compounds Production.
1995 ・October
Established Nippon Pelnox of Taiwan Corporation as a manufacturing and sales company.
1996 ・November
Acquired ISO9002 certification.
2000 ・July
Started manufacturing and selling Electrically-Conductive Paint and Antistatic Coating (Poltroon).
2002 ・November
Acquired ISO9001 certification.
2003 ・September
Opened Arakawa Chemical (China), Ltd..
Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd. acquired 85% of shares.
2004 ・January
Acquired ISO14001 certification.
2006 ・September
Arakawa Chemical Industries, Ltd. acquired 100% of shares.
2007 ・April
Changed Company’s name to Pelnox, Ltd.
Newly established Head Office, Plant and R&D Center in Hadano.
2011 ・May
Newly built a Plant for Electrically-Conductive Paste and Antistatic Coating.