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[Now on Sale to Rave Reviews] Announcement Youtube Videos of "ONE-HAND MIXING"

It has been three months since "ONE-HAND MIXING", a two-component conductive adhesive, was launched on amazon.
Thanks to your support, it has been well received by everyone.
This time, "ONE-HAND MIXING" was used by an electronics YouTuber, and the video was distributed!

In the video, the use and features of "ONE-HAND MIXING" are explained in an easy-to-understand manner and ideas are included to help you in your product development.
Please take a look!




With "high performance with ease of use" in mind,
this is a two-component conductive adhesive of the room temperature reaction type filled in a cartridge with a mixer.

-Key Features-
*Anyway easy to use. “Weighing”, “Mixing” and “Dispensing” with just [ONE PUSH].
*Can be cured at room temperature and stored at room temperature. No need for refrigerated or frozen storage.
*Flexible despite tough cured glue. It can be conducted electricity even in a bent state, and can be applied to bonding micro components.
It also has other unique features! Please check TDS.

-Customer Reviews(Excerpts from amazon)-
・It is the best conductive adhesive for heat-sensitive electronic components.
・It is useful because this can be easily glued with one hand.
・It has a sticky consistency that makes it easy to draw lines and has good adhesive strength.

Using up-SET (3-pack)

High capacity-TYPE (1-pack)

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