Product Lineup for Medical Device Electronic Component Applications

【Product Features】

 ・ Two-component epoxy adhesive capable of room temperature curing.  
 ・Ideal for bonding and sealing components with low heat resistance.

 ・Non-yellowing, light-guiding urethane resin. 
 ・High transparency, flexibility, and bendability.

 ・Thermosetting conductive paste with excellent fine line printability and contact resistance change.
 ・Excellent change in contact resistance after endurance testing due to improved surface smoothness.

 ・ Two-component conductive adhesives with a 1:1 mixing ratio for easy handling  
・ Room temperature curing is possible, making it ideal for bonding electrical materials with low heat resistance.

 ・One-component silver/silver chloride paste for continuous screen printing.

*Test items in ISO 10993 (biocompatibility standard) are not performed.