Product Details

PCE series (for motors)

We have a wide range of powder coatings that can be used for insulation of motor parts.
They have excellent edge coverage, hardness, and cut-through resistance, and can be used with a variety of coating methods.
Please contact us for more details, as we will introduce products with optimum specifications according to your needs at the time of use.

Product Category by Use by Function
Product Category
  • Powder for Motors
by Use
  • Motor Insulations
by Function
  • Flexible
  • Heat Resistant
  • Heat Cycle Resistant
  • High Adhesive Strength
  • Electrostatic Coating
  • Edge Coverage
  • Fast Curing


  • Powder coating for motor parts.
  • Excellent edge coverage, hardness, and cut-through resistance.
  • Can be applied thicker than liquid paints.
  • Collected paint can be reused.

    by Use

  • Insulation protection for motor parts

Instructions for Use

  1. This product is refrigerated, so please bring it to room temperature before opening. Condensation may cause moisture to enter the product.
  2. The powder may be lumpy due to consolidation. Disintegrate well before use.
  3. Fill the tank with powder and perform break-in operation until the sprayer is stabilized.
  4. Avoid direct contact with air conditioners and outside air. This will result in variations in adhesion and coating thickness.
  5. During coating, adjust the air according to the fluidity of the powder and the amount of adhesion.
  6. The painted product should be cured promptly under the specified curing conditions.