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Epoxy encapsulating materials XM-2437/HY-690_PELNOX
”XM-2437/HY-690” epoxy encapsulating materials increasingly used in electric vehicles
XM-2437/HY-690 have been used for many years in a wide range of applications as encapsulating materials for automotive parts and various sensors, so much so that it is said that XM-2437/HY-690 are the best encapsulating materials for automotive parts. It has been 30 years since the release. We would like to introduce the appeal and why it has been so well received by customers.
Product Lineup for Medical Device Electronic Component Applications
Medical technology is evolving at a remarkable pace, and the performance of medical devices is also developing significantly. The materials for the components used in such devices must have not only high quality and reliability, but also a wide range of functions. In this issue, we will introduce insulating and conductive materials that are best suited for such applications, as well as examples of our achievements! Please take a look at these materials as they can be applied to various components in addition to medical devices.(15/10/2022)
No heating furnace needed! Environmentally friendly, high performance room temperature curing epoxy products lineup
What can we do for the SDGs and carbon neutrality...? Nowadays, there are many people who do not want to use heating furnaces for energy saving and CO2 reduction, and room temperature curing adhesives and sealants that do not require heating furnaces are attracting a lot of attention. Also, room temperature cured products can be used when the heat resistance of the materials used is insufficient and heating is not possible.  We are pleased to introduce our lineup of epoxy products that can be cured at room temperature. (10/25/2022)
High reliability (high heat resistance) conductive paste lineup
As EV(Electric vehicle, Electric automobile), robots, and other vehicles become more sophisticated and compact, the materials used in their components must have "high reliability. We offer a variety of conductive pastes that are optimal for such component materials.(7/12/2022)
Fast-curing, one-component, heat-curing epoxy adhesive
There are so many requests for adhesives that can be cured quickly in order to shorten the production process. We are pleased to introduce our lineup of one-component epoxy adhesives that can be cured in 15 minutes or less to meet this demand and challenge.(14/6/2022)
Halogen-free products designed for the environment! One-component epoxy adhesives lineup
Materials used in PCs, smartphones, and home appliances tend to be subject to strict regulations on halogenated substances contained in them. We offer a variety of epoxy adhesives with low halogen content to meet such requirements. Please take a look at our product lineup.(14/6/2022)
One of the best thermal solutions! Lineup of high thermal conductive flexible resins 
PELNOX's flexible, high thermal conductivity encapsulants achieve low viscosity and high thermal conductivity through a combination of inorganic filler purity selection, optimized particle size distribution, and advanced kneading technology. It is also a non-silicone product and does not contain the siloxane!(5/17/2022)
Antistatic coating agent C-4408
Antistatic coating agent C-4408 dries at a low temperature of 60°C and shows a permanent antistatic effect that does not depend on the environment. It does not require high-temperature heating or UV irradiation for curing, and can adhere to a variety of substrates. This product has a proven track record in a variety of applications, including release films.(4/22/2022)
Wear-resistant! Powder epoxy resin PCE-750 
PCE-750 is mainly used as a binder for grinding stones made by shaping diamond, ceramic, metal, and other abrasive grains, and as a binder for refractory bricks, and is suitable for various binders. It is a wear-resistant product that improves the hardness and brittleness that have been issues with general phenolic resins. Furthermore, it is a powder binder epoxy product with high adhesive strength and high heat resistance.(4/19/2022)
Heat-resistant epoxy encapsulating resin for power modules
PELNOX's epoxy-based high heat-resistant encapsulants achieve low viscosity and low expansion by optimizing the particle size distribution of inorganic fillers and combining advanced kneading technologies. These characteristics enable the improvement of power cycle performance of components, and we will introduce our product lineup, which has been well-received especially for long-term reliability evaluation.(4/12/2022)
Heat Releasing Coating H-7020
H-7020 is a liquid paint that can be applied to electronic components and housings for simple thermal protection. It was commercialized in June 2009. It is a product designed with an emphasis on heat radiation, and has been recognized for its heat dissipation effect mainly in heat sinks, motors, and LED-related evaluations, and has been adopted in many cases.(4/12/2022)