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Low thermal expansion, Low stress, used for COB

Product Category by Use by Function
Product Category
  • Potting Resin for Semiconductors One Component Type Resin
by Use
  • Semiconductor Modules
  • General Modules
by Function
  • One Component
  • Low Stress
  • Low Curing Shrinkage
  • Low Warpage
  • Heat Cycle Resistant



  • One-component acid anhydride system
  • Syringe type product
  • Low linear expansion (10ppm)
  • High adhesion

    by Use

  • Eencapsulants for COB
  • Probe card
  • Potting for senser

Types of packaging

ZC-206 : 20g(syringe)

Instructions for Use

  1. The product is to be stored refrigerated or frozen. Please bring to room temperature before opening the package. Condensation may cause moisture to enter the product.
  2. The ingredients may separate or the filler may settle. Stir well before use.
  3. Make sure to defoam thoroughly. Insufficient defoaming may cause bubbles.
  4. Pour or apply.
  5. Curing should be done under the specified curing conditions.
  6. Be careful not to harden a large amount at one time, as it may cause high temperatures that may result in smoking or ignition.